The Cottage

A single woman blinded by desire intrudes on her sisters private retreat and attempts to seduce her lover.

Julius - Higher

This video was shot in collaberation with CoArt for the band Julius. We had special access to the filming location, a notorious amsterdam brothel named Yam Yum

Logue "Cold Hearts"

For this video we shot underwater for the first time. Luckily the lead singer of the band Logue was a great swimmer and could hold his breath under water for long periods.

Promotional video: Fraaierwonen Onderhoudsbedrijf

A promotional video made for a building company based in Haarlem

The Journal of Dr. Elgar Aldan

After a life spent researching the possibilities of mesmerism with no clear development, Dr. Elgar is presented with one final chance for conclusion. However with a high risk of failure, he faces a battle within himself, should he continue with this final experiment and aspiration for acquisition, or acknownledge the hellish consequences that may ensue.